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Talking about Modafinil: DuckDose review

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My first interaction with DuckDose

If you are a nootropics lover like I am, you are always looking for options from where you can buy it affordable, fast and safe. As you all guys probably already know, Modafinil is a drug that it can only be obtained with a prescription, here in the US, and it’s even harder to get it in other countries. Therefore, few reputable shops you can find online that don’t charge you a fortune.

I was in search of such a vendor after ModafinilCat closed its doors. I was in need for a reliable alternative. You have to be careful out there. There are a lot of shady websites that put you in trouble. But this is not the case, which you will read on this DuckDose review.

And I have to say, DuckDose was mentioned everywherduckdose ordering pagee. They were the new hit on the market. Maybe with good reason or not, as I do not believe something until I test it out myself. But I was interested and willing to try it out.

My first impression on their website is that there is professionally made. And extremely simple to use it and find things around, which is very hard to accomplish (trust me, I have websites). It also has a secured connection, which means that all the customer data is safe and that the vendor is trustworthy. These certificates are created only after you provide proof of a real person or company.

Also, I have to say their prices are really cheap. I think this is one of cheapest Modafinil vendor I have found. $0.85 on a pill if you order bulk is really nice. Not to mention that we also have a Bitcoin discount, which makes it even cheaper.




Finally, I ordered

Everything looks great from the website and other people’s review, but I have to order it myself to really be convinced. I like that all the shipments are guaranteed in case of holding at customs, which makes is very stress-free.  It took me less than a couple of minutes to make the order and enter all the details and everything was set.

Immediately I get a confirmation email with all the details about my order. After 2 days I get an email with the tracking code for the package. I’ve read that all this small delay is caused by the Indian Post office because that’s the location from where they ship it. But nothing to cause a discomfort.

It took about 8 days for my package to arrive here in the USA, Nevada. I had some mixed feelings about it. I was a bit worried to see if this thing is for real but also anxious, like a little boy waiting for Christmas presents.

The package was simple with no labels or any unnecessary details about it. Which is awesome, because you don’t want people to know what it’s inside of your box. That is something I am looking for. The box was delivered to me under my signature because that’s what I chose. Nothing else to say about it. As you can see below was very good packaged, but what else can you expect from a package with pills.



Now, the test drive. I was so inpatient to try them, to see if they are the good stuff, but I kept my patience until the next morning because I didn’t want to spend all my night up. By the way, I ordered Modafinil from Sun Pharma because it’s a label that I know and trust. I had very great experience with them in the past and they have been my favorite. I don’t say that other brands aren’t this good, but this works for me so this is the stuff that I use.

The next day I woke up at 7 am and took a pill. After 40 minutes, more or less, I started to feel the lighting up going in my head. And it was amazing! I worked for about 11 hours without a sweat, managing to accomplish a lot of difficult tasks that I would normally procrastinate on them. This isn’t my first time using it, so I can tell you for sure that this is exactly what I ordered! Great quality!  I was hyped to the max and I missed this feeling. Not feeling tiredness and being able to focus to your greatest potential is really awesome.

modalert blisters


How I would rate my experience with DuckDose

There are some times in life when things are too good to be true. But in this case, it’s true. DuckDose really manages to offer great service at a low cost. I think they have a great future ahead of them.

I have to say I am really impressed. These guys managed to create something wonderful out of their business. It’s the same level of quality as ModafinilCat or even higher, I might say.

The website is very nicely done and well packed with information. I’ve read a bunch of stuff about Modafinil that I didn’t know before. The shipping is FREE and guaranteed, which makes buying Modafinil a great experience. You either get a free reshipping or your money back. And you get a tracking code to see where your package is at any time.

The prices are great and you can choose from two different brands, Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma. One is a US company and the other one is based in India. You can pay with MasterCard, Visa or Bitcoin. There are also great discounts for paying with Bitcoin of 20% and for being a returning buyer a discount of 15%. Stack them up and it’s pretty nice.

Also, the customer service is very fast and helpful. I’ve sent them a bunch of questions before and while my order was in place, for two reasons. First, to be a little picky about my choice and second, to see how they reply or not to me. And the replies were always fast and very helpful. I like them.

Bottom line: totally recommend! Just try it for yourself and see how it works out.

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Psychology of Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery has been fairly common. People turn to it to fix perceived defects with their appearance or to improve the way they look. They use it to change various aspects of themselves, so a good question is: how is plastic surgery experienced psychologically? Are people satisfied with surgical shifts in appearance?

The answer is, apparently, not an easy one. Research shows that some people adjust well to plastic surgery. It gives them a boost in their body image and quality of life. For some people, fixing that specific problem they perceive with their appearance is just what they needed. However, plastic surgery can also be a predictor for depression, adjustment, problems, family problems, self-destructive behavior, and social isolation. This was true of patients who held unrealistically high expectations and who had a history of depression and anxiety.  A person who feels that all their problems might be solved by the surgery may not adjust well and may feel angry and disappointed when their expectations don’t come true.

Another factor related to the psychological experience of plastic surgery is the presence of psychiatric disorders. There are two types of disorders linked with surgery – eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder. An eating disorder may have the person feeling fat and having an unrealistic perspective of their body. Body dysmorphic disorder is a disorder characterized by an unhealthy and unreasonable preoccupation with a part of the body. The person with BDD will attempt to fix it again and again, often doing many procedures on the same part of their body without feeling satisfied.

Overall, people who do plastic surgery as a way to fix their self-esteem, to solve their problems, to fix their inner psychological distress, or as a way to express the symptoms of their disorder are not likely to adjust well, since plastic surgery can not do what they need it to do. However, people who have a specific idea for plastic surgery and who make a more balanced decision without expecting it to be a miracle cure are likely to experience it positively.



APA. (2017). Plastic surgery: Beauty or beast? Retrieved March 4, 2017, from http://www.apa.org/monitor/sep05/surgery.aspx

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Plastic Surgery Expectations: How much can surgery change your life?

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If you are still on fence about having plastic surgery, your brain must be asking many questions about the expectations from the procedure. Plastic & Cosmetic surgery procedures can vastly change your life in many ways but a person should always have realistic expectations going into the plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has become ever more common in recent years and people are now far less hesitant to consider plastic surgery to solve their cosmetic problems.The plastic surgeon should always discuss realistic expectations with the patient and explain to the patient each and every realistic expectation of the surgery. A surgeon should assess the motivations and expectations of his patient and balance them with the possible realistic goals of the plastic surgery. Plastic surgery can change your life in following ways:

Boost self confidence:

For many people, plastic surgery has been a positively life-changing experience. successful plastic surgery can boost your confidence and alleviate self-consciousness about unbalanced facial features or an uneven physique. It may not change your life instantaneously but the gain of confidence will surely reflect outwards into your everyday life events. Research has revealed that plastic surgery can drastically enhance self esteem and self confidence of a person.

Improves mental health:

Plastic surgery procedures have great  mental health benefits for the patients. A patient feel a lot more comfortable with the way he feels about his appearance after the surgery. Getting greater feature balance, better skin texture or a good body physique can surely improve the  way you feel about your appearance.Talking about  plastic surgery, many factors are to be considered which can differ from patient to patient. Living tissues are involved in the procedure that require enough time to heal so the surgeon should always advise the patient to be tolerant. Result will definitely come with patience and perseverance.  Female plastic surgeon further explains how plastic surgery enhances the mental health of the patient in this video.



Improves social life:

It is a common observation that plastic surgery can improve your social life. It does so by enhancing your self-esteem. Often, people avoid social interaction because they are flawed in some aspect and plastic surgery can surely help them to regain their self esteem.


Alleviate the effects of aging:

Healthcare is ever more advanced nowadays and it comes as no surprise that people want to look more youthful than they really are. People want to get rid off the wrinkles and sagging skin as soon as possible. Plastic surgery can make you look youthful and alleviate the effects of aging. Research has revealed that plastic surgery can erase up to 20 years of wrinkles and aging.

Feel good about the flawed body part:

It is very often that people who consult their physicians about plastic surgery want to alter some specific flawed part of their body. Some people may consult their doctor if their think their noses are too big, their eyebrows too droopy, or their breasts not quite large enough. Plastic surgery can alter your life by making you feel good about your flawed body part.

What not to expect from the plastic surgery:

An inexperienced surgeon may over-promise results of the procedure. Over-promising can result in false expectations and ultimately leads to disappointment. The foremost duty of the surgeon is to develop appropriate expectations of the patient.  Stretching the expectations beyond the ability of the procedure can run headlong into serious problems. Plastic surgery has come a long way over the years but the procedure still have its limitations.  Plastic surgery can be an exciting prospect but mishaps do occur and can lead to serious problems. Patient should be well-informed about the procedure and complication involved in the procedure.  There are many things that are wrongly expected from the plastic surgery:

  1. It can not help you get out of the emotional turmoil. If you are vulnerable to mood swings and other psychological challenges, don’t bother to consider plastic surgery.
  2. Plastic surgery can not replace your face with some random celebrity’s face. This is a common misconception that needs to be eradicated from the minds of some people. It is a common sense that your facial features are unique to you and nobody can make you look like another person with a simple surgical procedure.
  3. Plastic surgery has nothing to do with your sex life. If you are considering anything around this domain, you may get disappointed as plastic surgery has no answer to this question.


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9 Things You Can Do To Better Prepare For Your Plastic Surgery

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660x0_q80_crop-scale_upscaleWhether or not the surgical procedure you go through is going to be major or minor, there are still a few things you must do in order to better prepare yourself. There are numerous reasons why people get plastic surgery. For some, it is to correct a minor flaw, which only requires a minor surgical procedure. For others, it is to repair damage from accidents, these will require a more extensive major surgical procedure. Whatever your reasons for getting some plastic surgery, here are 9 things you should remember before the surgery.

Do your research

You should probably read up on what to do before, during and after the plastic surgery. Doing your research is an important first step. You will know what to expect after you’ve read the resource materials you were given. These could include medical pamphlets or even the testimonials of other patients who underwent the same procedures.

Prepare your clothes in advance

For some kinds of surgical procedures, you are not allowed to wear certain kinds of cloth or types of clothing. You should prepare your clothes in advance to make sure you have the right attire for recovery. This means wearing a lot of loose-fitting clothing for some time after.

Stock up your kitchen’s pantry

You would not want to go outside while you are recovering from your surgery. Going to the supermarket could set back your recovery period by quite a while. That is why you should stock up your kitchen with your favourite foods. And do not forget to buy healthy foods to promote your recovery.

Keep your house clean

Dust and dirt could irritate your surgical site, and cause a lot of discomfort. You should make your house neat or tidy, or at least just your bedroom. Vacuum your home, change your sheets and dust your house before you go for the procedure.

Trim your fingernails

Long nails can make touching or scratching your wounds a huge hazard. Long nails can open up stitches and make the incisions heal less fast. Dirt could also get under long nails, and this could infect the surgical site. Trim your nails before you go do your surgical procedure.

Put aside some time

Plastic surgery takes some time to recover from. It can take as short as a few days to a few months. So you should already have allocated the right amount of time for the recovecombine-plastic-surgeriesry period. This means taking time off of work or school.

Ask your doctor questions

Be sure to ask your doctors all the pressing questions when you are consulting with them. You should have quite a bit of knowledge about plastic surgery when they answer your question. You may already have done your reading, but nothing beats your doctor’s opinion.

Check your medications

Stock your medications in advance for the recovery period. This includes both your supplements and prescription medication. Supplements can improve your health during this period. Recovering from plastic surgery can make you feel drowsy but this supplement will keep you alert and awake.

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What Plastic Surgery Cannot Do For You?

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imagesThere are things that plastic surgery cannot do for you. Yes, that means not all of the reasons to choose plastic surgery is right for you. You need to know further about it. Below are the things that the plastic surgery cannot do for you:

Plastic surgery cannot save your emotional confusion.

It is not going to work if you choose plastic surgery just because of your emotions and how you feel. Always remember that plastic surgery is still a surgery which means your health is at stake. Aside from your health, psychological challenges together with physical recovery are included when you choose plastic surgery for your body or face. I will need to ask the doctor or the doctor needs to tell me if I have emotional stress before the plastic surgery continues.

Replace your body or face with your favorite celebrity.

Maybe it is not right to desire to have the same face or body of some celebrities especially your favorite one. You have your own one which is so unique, so why desire to have a celebrity face or body? They could have the features that you most like, but it is what was given to them. Always think that you have a unique body and face that can stand out to somebody else. It may not be your favorite celebrity, but to anyone who cannot appreciate how they look.

Fix a broken relationship and please your partner.

Plastic surgery cannot really fix a broken relationship. The reason behind your broken relationship with your partner can be because of other reasons and not your whole body including your face. For me, plastic surgery is only needed when it seems that a scar on your face is going to distract you and make you look unattractive. But there are some who would not mind it, and some who can afford plastic surgery would choose it. For me, why try to think about fixing your relationship with your partner without the plastic surgery?

Change appearance without a risk.

reconstructive-surgeryUnless the licensed or board-certified cosmetic surgeon would do the procedure, there are risks that you would encounter once you undergo plastic surgery. The risk that you may encounter is during the recovery, but still depending on what kind of plastic surgery it is. This means that it is not safe at all to just undergo plastic surgery. There must be licensed cosmetic surgeon that should conduct this sensitive operation.

If you think that you can fix things without any plastic surgery, then go ahead, it would be safer and cheaper. Plastic surgery is only for those people who had a serious and dangerous accident that affected their appearance. It is really life-changing when your appearance is not the same that you wanted. And it is great if the plastic surgery can be done to your face because of too many scars.

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Top 5 Reasons Why People are Choosing Plastic Surgery for their Body

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doctorPlastic or cosmetic surgery is one of the ways to remove scars or to make oneself beautiful. There are other reasons behind choosing plastic surgery; it can be because of self-confidence or because of some unattractive look that can be embarrassing. For me, if I am an actor, I need to look good. So if I have to be great in front of many people, I have to do something about it. I can choose plastic or cosmetic surgery or just leave my appearance that way.

Other than that, below are the top 5 reasons why people are choosing plastic surgery for their body:

Birthmarks or birth flaws

Examples of birthmarks or birth flaws are the cleft lips, ear and skeletal deformities which may turn into emotional and physical handicaps. The reconstructive surgery is frequently done with a sequence of surgeries as a person grows up. When birth flaws or birth defects are corrected, it can bring back normal functioning and the look of a person. This can surely put back the confidence of the person involving this birth flaws surgery.


When a person with breast cancer just had undergone mastectomy, later the person can experience the reconstructive breast operation. Mastectomy is what is called the surgery that will remove the breast. Though it cannot really help the person on the medical side of it, this can help relieve the psychological trauma that the mastectomy brought to them.


Serious accidents can leave scars and deformed parts on the body. Accidents including car collision, workplace misfortune, sports, and animal bites can inflict disaster to the body of a person and only reconstructive and the cosmetic surgery is the answer to have it fixed. This can certainly fix as well the self-belief of the person who will be choosing the reconstructive and the cosmetic surgery.

Huge weight loss

When a person was asurgery-512ble to lose weight, however, there is too much excess skin that resulted from the weight loss; it can be removed by plastic surgery. The removal of the excess skin is the way to make the body look good again and appears just like a normal body shape.

Self-worth or self-figure

Just to feel good and to have again your self-worth or self-figure, cosmetic surgery can be an option. There are individuals who are not satisfied yet with their look and want to enhance some of the parts of their body. The exact way to do it is to choose the cosmetic surgery. A non-surgical cosmetic process such as hair removal, lasers to eliminate birthmarks, and laser peels to get rid of scars fall under the self-improvement through the medical process.

There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery. It helps you look good and it can also put your confidence back. But then make sure that the cosmetic surgery that you are choosing would be appropriate to your body or to your concern. It is important that it would result in a positive outlook and not the other way around.

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Tips in Finding the Right Cosmetic Surgeon For You

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cosmetic-surgeryIf you have thoroughly thought about getting a plastic surgery, one major thing that you should always consider is the cosmetic surgeon that you are dealing with. Once you’ve found a reputable and qualified cosmetic surgeon, the results would often provide confidence, better self-esteem and relief to the patient. On the other hand, once the operation failed, it will cost you your beauty, time, money and of course, a broken heart. So as much as possible, you should always choose the right cosmetic surgeon just for you. Here are some tips in doing so:

Look for their board certification

Do not be like the rest of the people who depend on the state medical boards in order to evaluate whether or not a certain cosmetic surgeon is qualified or not. However, you should always keep in mind that the government in all states will not require a training for surgeons on the field that they are specialized. That’s why, as much as possible, you should ask for a certification on the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. If they can provide you with it, rest assured that your cosmetic surgeon is qualified and reputable on the said procedure.

Ask about their experience

Now that you know that they are qualified, you should also remember that there are skills needed in different operations because not all operations and procedures are the same—just as operating with the breast is far from operating the nose. Ask about their experience. Open-ended questions such as “How did you train in the procedure that you are going to perform?”, “How long have you been performing with this kind of procedure?”, “How many times have you experienced performing this procedure?”, “Can I talk to your patients who have undergone the same procedure?” will be a great start-up in evaluating your cosmetic surgeon.

Consider the aesthetics

In order for you to be compatible with your cosmetic surgeon, you need to share the same perception of beauty. Look at your face closely in the mirror and if possible, go find some patients who have undergone the same procedure that you are going to. Have they achieved the look that you are trying to have? For facial procedure, just refer to patients who have identical facial structure plastic-surgeon-at-suitejust as you and for those who are about your age. For breast procedures on the other hand, make sure that you share the same torso and breast shape. And for body procedures, patients who have a similar body shape as you can be your best reference.

Consider your emotion

In order for you to be confident with the cosmetic surgeon that you have chosen, make sure that you are comfortable having this surgeon around. If you feel uneasy and uncomfortable working with him or her, you should start looking for another surgeon because you will not likely achieve the look that you wanted to be. Also consider your medical history I order to make sure that you are really advisable to undergo a plastic surgery.

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Post Surgery Sleepiness

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In my years of operating, a common side effect associated post-surgery is sleepiness. This stems from a mixture of the drugs used, as well as the body’s increased calorie burn rate stemming from mending of cells. Some patients develop short-term nacrolepsy, and have issues coping with this side-effect.

However, life needs to go on, which is why many people ask me to prescribe Waklert, or Armodafinil. Waklert is a drug considered to have the advantage of a strong stimulus, and there is no risk of side effects from agencies. The drug is called Waklert and its active ingredient is Armodafinil. Conventional uses include treatment for syndrome obstructive sleep apnea, shift work disorder, narcolepsy, and treatment.

Personally, I disagree with the pricing schedule in the United States, because of a strong patent control, making the drug highly inaccessible to patients without insurance coverage. This is also partly due to the fact that a prescription following post-operative cosmetic side effects are not covered by some plans. For this reason, you may find a link to purchase waklert buried somewhere in this article.


Benefits Of Waklert:                   

The main use of this drug in the clinical settings is a wakefulness enhancer. In other words; it will help you remain, alert and functioning, despite the lack of sleep and sleep patterns and other irregularities. It helps to cope with sleep apnea, shift work disorder, narcolepsy daytime fatigue associated with other diseases. However, the wakefulness provided is completely different from conventional stimulants (coffee, amphetamines). Waklert drives a feeling of alertness that is a more natural.

Waklert is also known to have a variety of brain performance optimization functions, which can be useful in everyday life, including boosting concentration. Many users also reported significant boosts in creativity, eloquence and a greater acumen to higher order thinking. There are also anecdotal reports of improvements in mood in both social and extroverted individuals. (in the case of social anxiety is particularly effective).


How To Use Waklert:

Waklert rather has a long half-life, in most cases, you will need only one dose per day. The standard dose is 150 mg scroll morning. It can be used with or without food.

Do not increase your dosage, or take it more frequently, or use more than directed, unless otherwise noted your doctor.


Waklert Side Effects:

Although this supplement is considered very powerful, it is also well tolerated in adults. There are indications that some side effects have been reported, but these tend to be mild, and include headaches, fatigue, irritability, dizziness, nausea and other stomach problems. Very rare side effects but serious side effects may include allergic reactions such as hives in the face or sweeling in the tongue, difficulty breathing, swelling. If serious side effects surface, stop taking Waklert immediately and consult a doctor.


How to Buy Waklert:

In most of the world, Waklert (active compound Armodafinil) requires a prescription. At times online pharmacies do sell drugs without prescription to you. Ensure you purchase from a legitimate provider and only getting authentic Waklert.

Another choice is to purchase Adrafinil, which is lawfully sold in the United States without prescription. It adrafinil converts into modafinil in the body, but the effects are much milder as compared to Armodafinil.


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Factors to Consider First Before Undergoing Plastic Surgery

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bb19e7add31ab2a9b449e8e177fef4caYou should know too well that plastic surgery is one of the things that you should really take into consideration and think about carefully. There are lots of consequences and risks in plastic surgery, and chances are, if it wasn’t properly executed, it can make your life a living hell. So, in order to ensure that you are making the right decision, here are some factors that you need to consider first before undergoing plastic surgery.

Check the background of your practitioner

It is important that you only choose a practitioner with a good reputation and has proven to be qualified in performing the said surgery as well as the research. Make sure that you know their background—how long have they been dealing with patients, what areas do they specialise in, and their educational background, if you can. In that way, you can evaluate whether or not he is the right doctor for you.

Talk to them in person

It is important that you two have met first before they perform the procedure. If there is something that you would like to talk about, now is the right time to ask for their opinions. If they refuse to meet you in person, you should start looking for another one because a professional practitioner will not hesitate to talk to their patient just before the procedure. Also, make sure that you are comfortable with the doctor you are dealing with and you trust them because basically, you are risking your life and it is on their hands.

Conduct a research on the said procedure

Before you plan on making any cosmetic procedure, make sure that you understand the process by conducting a research. Watch videos, read articles and research papers, read testimonies from people who have undergone the same procedure and as much as possible, talk to them and see how did it go.

Make sure that you understand the risks

You must be aware that in any cosmetic procedure that you take, there are possible risks associated with it. When you are talking with your practitioner, make sure that they are honest with the possible risks and the dangers involved in conducting the procedure. If they are claiming that there are no risks involved in performing the procedure, you should immediately look for another one breakthrough_breast_cancer_logobecause they cannot be trusted.

Do not pay attention to advertising and low prices

There are some who offer discounts and low prices in the market today, but remember that this is a cosmetic procedure that we are talking about and you should eliminate all risks involved as much as possible. Do not pay attention to those who are advertising about promos and discounts—while it might be tempting, you can’t trust someone who offers such a low price in performing a very dangerous and complex plastic surgery. Do not risk your beauty and your life in promos and discounts around because the results are not always good.

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The Life And Times Of Archibald McIndoe

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firstYou may have heard about Archibald McIndoe, famous historical surgeon, and pioneer of plastic surgery. But there probably is not a lot that you know about his personal or professional life.

We may all know the great Archibald McIndoe as the founder and father of plastic and facial reconstruction surgery, but most people do not know much else. Nor do they know his motivations for pioneering the field of plastic surgery. Unlike today, where the main reasons for getting plastic surgery done is self-improvement. Dr Archibald McIndoe actually pioneered the field for more altruistic reasons.

Let us start at the beginning to where and when he was born. Archibald McIndoe was born in New Zealand on May 4, 1900. Archibald McIndoe was not actually born to a family of scientists or doctors. Instead, his parents were artists. He was the second of four children between a printer, father and an  artist, mother.

The first hospital he served at was at Walkato Hospital in New Zealand. Shortly after that, he was awarded to go on a scholarship program to study anatomy at the world famous Mayo Clinic in the United States. To go on the trip, he had to keep his marriage secret with his new wife Adonia Altkin. He had to keep his marriage secret because the scholarship program was only for single men.

After he impressed his professors at the Mayo Clinic, some senior doctors of his suggest that he move to further continue his studies. He then moved to London on following his advice.

He actually could not find proper work in London, and this may have been a good thing for the medical world in general. Unable to find employment as a doctor of anatomy, he joined his cousin who worked as a plastic surgeon. His cousin, Harold Giles, ran a private practice for medicine and plastic surgery. First working as a medical assistant to his cousin, Archibald eventually climbed up the ranks. In a few years, he was awarded as the Surgeon General of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He also became the consultant for the Royal North Stafford Infirmary; he was their consulting plastic surgeon. And then a few years later, he was then awarded again as a plastic surgeon consultant for the whole Royal Air Force.

When World War II rolled around, he was then appointed as the head plastic surgeon for the whole country of Britain. This was a busy time for McIndoe, as there were many patients who had to undergo some form of reconstruction surgery because of the war. He even opened his own plastic surgery hospital and named it the Centre for Plastic and Jaw Surgery. He was known as a brilliant and capable plastic surgeon, where he worked on patients who had bad burns and even was able to reconstruct some form of eyelids.

While at the hospital he managed to invent new techniques for plastic surgery. He had many famous patients treated at his hospital, such as Geoffrey Page, Jimmy Edwards, and Richard Hillary. These famous patients jokingly called themselves the Guinea Pigs Club.

health-png-clipartHis work at the Centre of Plastic and Jaw Surgery was famous at his time. He discovered that saline solution immersion promoted healing when used to treat burns. He also invented a new form of skin graft techniques. These new pioneering and ground-breaking forms of plastic surgery were used on many World War II veterans, which vastly improved hundreds of people’s lives.

Archibald died on April 1960, just only at 59 years of age. Today he is still honoured for the work he did with war veterans and burn victims. Many health institutes and hospitals are proudly using his name!

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