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The Founder of Modern Plastic Surgery

handsWelcome! This is the main page of a memorial for Archibald McIndoe, the founder of modern plastic surgery. He advocated for the advancement of facial reconstructive surgery, and its availability for more people around the world. We believe in Archibald McIndoe’s vision for the availability of plastic surgery, so we also aim to provide great information about the different kinds of plastic surgery procedures and any drug supplements that could help you if you plan on taking one.

Check around our websites to learn more about Archibald McIndoe and his major contributions to medical history and plastic surgery. You can click around to find more information about his life, history, education, and pioneering medical procedures. If you were always curious to know more about plastic surgery and its founder, then you have come to the right website.

This website is not only a memorial to Archibald McIndoe; it also has information, tips, guides and more about plastic surgery. Explore our website to learn more about plastic surgery. We have got tips on what to do to prepare for plastic surgery and what kinds of procedures may be best for you. So if you are planning on going under the plastic surgeon’s knife, check out more of our website.